vCenter to VCSA migration tool released

It’s out!  You can finally migrate a Windows vCenter install to a vCenter appliance VCSA based install using a supported VCSA migration tool!

vCenter Server Migration Tool: vSphere 6.0 Update 2m

Just a heads up, here are the requirements:

  • It only migrates from Windows installations to VCSA based installations
  • It only migrates from 5.5 (any revision) to VCSA 6.0 Update 2
  • You must used the embedded database in VCSA
  • It will not migrate VUM if VUM is installed on the same OS as your vCenter (no big deal IMO, not hard to reinstall VUM)

Cool things I noticed about this migration utility according to the link above:

  • Preservation of original vCenter settings including
    • IP address
    • FQDN
    • Certificates
    • Alarm settings (AWESOME!)
  • It doesn’t touch your current vCenter’s stuff, so easy rollback.

Not so cool things:

  • You can’t change deployment models during the migration.  A simple deployment in 5.5 becomes an embedded deployment in VCSA, which you don’t want to do, but you can always transition out of that.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing a blog article here kicking the tires on this thing.  But this will definitely help me convince people to go to the VCSA.